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Debt Collector’s Visit To She Who Is Willing To Offer Her All, 2014

Installation with wire netting, raw beef, torch

47 x 47 x 39 in

“Give, but give until it hurts.” Mother Theresa


Laid out on a thin sheet of wire netting in pieces of raw meat are the words: “I can be your whatever, please do not hurt me.” The representation of living flesh on a makeshift altar evokes a strong sense of the sacrificial, while the torching of the meat implies a sense of exploitation of being taken advantage of and used up. The meat cooks, then burns, and finally spoils, leaving charred marks on the wire underneath.

A table made out of wire netting gives the image of a sacrificial alter. 

Raw meat is cut and arranged into letter shapes on the table.

The words are burned with a gas torch .

After the burned meat is removed, charred fat and blood stains are all that remain. 



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