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Research and Interest 

Jiwon Woo 
Visiting Assistant Professor at NYU Steinhardt

As a multidisciplinary designer, engineer, and researcher, Jiwon Woo has extensive experience in both industry and academia. She integrates creativity and technology to solve complex problems and collaboratively build unprecedented products that substantially enhance people's lives.

Her design innovations thrive across various industry sectors, including consumer products, healthcare, materials, and food. Woo's strengths encompass critical thinking, human-computer interaction, biodesign, UX/UI design, digital/innovation strategy, and creative storytelling.

Woo’s individual and collaborative works have been recognized with prestigious awards, including being named a finalist for the Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge, the National Hall of Fame’s Collegiate Inventors Competition, Ars Electronica, and the Bio Art and Design Award. Her works are also internationally exhibited in renowned venues such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, Ars Electronica, Milan Design Week, London Design Week, Medical Museion Copenhagen, the Istanbul Design Biennial, and more.

Jiwon Woo
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