Research and Interest 

As a multidisciplinary designer, artist, and researcher, Jiwon Woo integrates biology, creativity, and technology to deliver new design studies that suit both modern society’s needs and ecological sustainability. Woo has been committed to pushing the boundaries of biodesign and biofabrication, as she believes biodesign has strong potential to unlock sustainable development as a route to unimagined possibilities through the use of technology to protect and preserve both intangible human heritage and the natural environment we rely on.
Bio-design, utilizing synthesis, is a tool and language for her to challenge narrow assumptions and preconceptions in different disciplines, given the role of products and technologies. 
Woo is also a Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania, CEO and Creative Director of hypha design, Seoul Korea.
Jiwon Woo
  • [Biodesign] Current research to contribute to the diversification of the design culture in biological material with new threads of investigation from other contemporary design methods. This research explores the importance of biodesign in both theoretical and functional aspects of design studies and its application for creating new sustainable materials as bio-inks of 3D printers, 2019 ~ continuous 

  • [Biodesign] Project Mother's Hand Taste (Son-mat) explores how a person’s individual hand microflora impacts on the development of flavor in fermented foods to trace, record, and eventually biofabricate the hand microbiome of different generations in the same families, living in a variety of countries. If the knowledge and experience of cooking represent intangible cultural inheritance, Son-mat is even more so. Woo's research, the resulting mechanical machine designed to capture and reproduce a person’s son-mat is a poetic but tangible way of crystallizing that elusive essence of ethnic and genealogical food culture. It goes on to discover what is maintain, lost, and added over vast spaces and time, 2016 - 2019 

*Award at Prix Ars Electronica 2019 

*Final Winner for Bio Art and Design Award 2017

*Showcased at V&A Museum (London) 2019, Arx Electronica (Austra) 2018, London Design Festival (London) 2018, Hungary Korean Cultural Center (Hungary) 2017, and more. 

*Received the Laurence Shprintz MFA Award from PennDesign

  • [Biodesign] In modern times, our notions of nature and culture seem fusing, and the distinction between made and born becomes less meaningful. Project Stabilimentum investigates possibilities of spider web fibers as new material and bridging a new symbiotic relationship between humans and spiders, by trading spider nourishment and habitat for natural web fibers. The project suggests three different design uses of natural spider web fibers as air filters, 2015 - 2016 

*Selected as a representative of the University of Pennsylvania PennDesign for BioDesign Challenge 2016 at MOMA New York

*Permanent collection of the TECH Museum, San Jose

*Showcased at Emerge festival, Arizona University 

*Further explored in personal project Symbion 2017

  • [Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence] Application invention platform for cloud-sharing programming modules and final creations, offering limitless digital interface customization and the further possibility for adaptation of physical products2014  

  •  Accepting and Accommodating Multicultural Families in Korea: Assessment of Public Policies and the Educational System, 2013

    • A thesis to pursue a deeper understanding of multicultural education and the dearth of educational support services that are available for this particular group in Korea

*Invited as a presenter and for journal submission to International Journal of Arts and Sciences (IJAS) in Rome October 2014

  •  Problems and Improvement Directions for Global Youth Leadership Program, 2011

    • A thesis focusing on a program developed by the Korean government to combat youth unemployment

*Available on request

  • Dynamic Rehearsal, 2009

    • Tangible User Interface research for the first model of Microsoft Surface