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Crosswalk Between Reality And Illusion, 2014

Outdoor electroluminescent installation with acryl board, neon wire

60 x 47 in

A neon-wire crosswalk tapers off into a non-existent distance, simulating abstract depth and space within a familiar, tangible landscape. The physicality of the real world and the illusion of physicality created by the receding crossing collide, bringing to light complex notions of our place in the endless expanse of cyberspace.

Headquarters of a dying medium - parking lot behind the KBS Radio Broadcasting Studio, Yeouido.

In front of special-purpose middle and high schools, institutions designed to prepare young generations for the future science and technology.

Demolition site of Yongsan Electronics Market, which folded following the rise of domestic electronic manufacturing giants and internet shopping.

Beneath the Olympic Bridge in Jamsil, a still-used relic of modern Korean history.

Once the tallest building in Seoul, now just another skyscraper – behind the 63 Building, Yeouido. 



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