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Umi, 2021
SLA 3D Printing, Digital Application, Dimensions Variables

Harvard MDE team* - Jiwon Woo, Connie Wang, and Tomoyo Onishi 


Umi fundamentally challenges the perception of food not just as a product or energy for human consumption, but a life that has a story and value. It helps you understand your past food relationship, change your present behaviors, and see how it impacts your future and other generations to come. Umi syncs with your food and allows you to communicate with them.

Through sensing technology, Umi continuously reads different gas emissions released from dairy, meat, and fruits and vegetables as they go bad. Because of Umi, we can now understand real-time food freshness with peace of mind that we’ll never eat spoiled food, and no one prematurely tosses out an apple again. See a landscape of your fridge and see your food waste footprint to date, learn about where your food came from and its entire lifecycle before it ended up in your fridge. Celebrate the moments and see how your little actions of saving food from going into the landfill can have a big impact over time.

Connect to your food through Umi. Feel closer to life on earth.

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