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BDC x Google Biodesign Sprint 2021 - *Finalist

Harvard University - Team Rhomb 

Jiwon Woo, Jenn Kim, Cedric-Pascal Sommer, Austin Ledzian

Biodesign Challenge and the Google Hardware Design Studio partnered on a month-long Design Sprint to explore better ways to reduce carbon, increase biodiversity, and bring positive change to both people and the environment.

Google is at the forefront of sustainability in the digital hardware industry. By 2025, Google is committed to using recycled or renewable material in at least 50% of all of its hardware products. In this project, we challenge ourselves by asking, “Can we do more?” To answer this question, our team developed a framework with the main goal of reducing material by experimenting with topology optimization. In our exploration we also researched an optimal material that can be used and an opportunity to design for disassembly and repair. We use the Google Nest Audio as a case study to apply the framework we developed and to explore how we could make Google devices even more sustainable by reducing its carbon footprint.

Design Prompts

Team Rhomb - Gallery

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