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I Am Speaking In The Language Of Your Past, 2015

Pig carcasses, cut pork, tripods, speakers, USBs.  Dimensions Variable

Considering the alienating effects of technology on communication, this work engages with ideas of disconnection in a site-specific, multi-channel audio installation, presented in collaboration with an operational meat factory. The audio consists of heated, face-to-face interactions, taken from field recordings and popular culture, such as Korean television dramas, which highlight everyday tensions and stresses in urban interactions. 


“You have no idea what you’ve done wrong, do you?”

“How can you feel as awfully as I do?”

“Don’t ever pretend you love me as much as you love yourself”

The installation took place at around four in the morning at a butcher's at Majang Livestock Market in Seoul, which has over 50 years of history.

Battery-powered speakers play audio scripts  saved on USBs. 

Expert meat cutters trim blocks of pork next to the installation.


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