Biodesign: Living and Breathing the Future of Performance, 2018 May 

PUMA + MIT Design Lab collaboration for Milan Design Week 

*Jiwon Woo as a Project Coordinator and Exhibition Designer 

MIT Design Lab

Milan Design Week 2018


As a member of MIT Design Lab, Woo took roles of project coordinator and exhibition designer for PUMA and MIT Designer Lab's collaboration project on biodesign.


At  Milan  Design  Week 2018,  PUMA  and  MIT  Design  Lab  showcased  ongoing  research  in  the field of biodesign. Powered by Biorealize, the exhibition focused on how next generation of wearables can adapt in real-time using living organisms to enhance performance and personal expressions. The exhibition showed four  experiments:  Breathing  Shoe,  Deep  Learning  Insole,  Carbon  Eaters,  and Adaptive Packaging.

  • Biologically active Breathing Shoe pushes the boundaries of bio-fabrication and enables personalized ventilation by growing their own air passageways.

  • With  next  generation  Deep  Learning  Insoles  we show how real-time biofeedback can prevent  fatigue  and  improve athletes’ performance.  

  • Carbon Eaters, microbially-active tee responds to environmental factors by changing its’ appearance and informing the user  about air  quality.

  • Thinking beyond current wearables, PUMA and Design Lab featured biologically programmable materials that change their shape and structure to become new types of alive, biodegradable, and Adaptive  Packaging.  

Altogether,  PUMA  Biodesign explored the new frontiers of biological design  and  fabrication  to  bring  advances  in science and biotechnologies closer to our daily lives.  

© By Jiwon Woo

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