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Daily Object / Device, 2015

Object-oriented Ontology Inspired




How daily used modern (often too much) devices/objects can be poetically presented about their relationship with human body. Other than ordinary “proper” way of using them, how else can the objects be felt/used by humans? What kind different ontology of the object can be expressed with human body and objects together by photography (object-oriented ontology)? What aspects our society (of materialism, consumerism, or social issues) cab be indirectly expressed?


I want to use the camera to expose and validate the diverse conditions of everyday used objects that normally go underrepresented or understood simply as “objects” by using my body along with them.


External representation of device objects never gives us their true inner life, which partly withdraws from every human grasp.


I began the practice by theatrically set the scene with my body and objects, changing the function and psychological relation. This process is being documented in an ongoing photographic series.

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