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The Mother's Son-mat Machine

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4 Sections


1. Collecting Son-mat

This first part of the machine is made with glass and imagined to collect hand yeast of the user by touching the liquid culture medium near the opening area. Collected hand yeasts will be grown in the medium in the room temperature.


2. Preserving Son-mat

This second section of the machine is for preserving son-mat. Collected son-mat from the glass part will be led to this 3D printed resin part for propagation, concentration, and preservation. Liquid medium in the preservation section propagates only the innocuous microorganisms and concentrates into capsule sized Hand-taste extracts for future uses.


3. Using Son-mat

This bronze and marble section of the machine is for using preserved son-mat. Two different faucets are placed for different purposes. Stored son-mat from the resin part will be led to shower faucet to spray and transmit son-mat to the user's hands before cooking. The spigot part is for the water source for cooking and washing.   


4. Fermenting and Cooking Makgoelli

This stainless steel section of the machine is for cooking and fermenting foodsInside of this one bodied container reside heat source for cooking and Korean traditional pottery crock for fermentation. The heat source will naturally increase the temperature near the crock and help the fermentation processes. 

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